Skin Care For Your 30’s

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If you followed all our tips on the best way to manage your 20’s skin, then this will be a breeze for you! If not, we will guide you on the best way to manage your 30’s skin for a more youthful transition into your next decade It’s easy 🧖🏽.

In your 30’s, you may see the beginnings of dark under-eye circles, crow’s feet, and some sagging around the mouth area. If you spent too much time sunbathing in the previous decade, you’re probably starting to see more dark spots, wrinkles, and loss of suppleness. Let’s see what we can do to improve these.

wrinkles in 30s

We can improve your 30’s skin changes.

What happens to skin in your 30’s


In your 20s, you experience a slower skin cell turnover which becomes even slower when you reach your 30s. Your skin cycle becomes longer since new skin is not produced as quickly. Dead skin cells tend to accumulate on your skin’s surface and interfere with light reflection. As a result, your skin looks dull and lackluster.

A slower skin turnover also makes it more difficult for the skin to stay moisturized naturally. The topmost layer of the skin does not slough off fast enough, giving the skin a less radiant and dry appearance. Slower skin cycles help explain why products that worked in your 20’s no longer work as effectively in your 30’s.

Almost any skin care helps for 20’s skin. 30’s skin is different!


Moreover, the skin natural moisturing factor can’t produce as many hydrating compounds as it used to. This adds to your skin’s dehydration which, in turn, leads to other signs of premature aging like wrinkles and lines. This also weakens your skin’s barrier membrane function making it more prone to environmental & free-radical attack. This also has a detrimental effect on your friendly skin bacteria, resulting in changes in your skin’s microbiome. Thankfully Melanopeel carries several products and our Probiotic Serum to help rebalance your skin.


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In addition to more sluggish cell turnover, the body also finds it more difficult to produce supportive proteins like collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid, the sugar that plumps up the skin. It also loses estrogen resulting in a gradual loss of bone mass and volume in the jawline, cheekbones, and skull.


mother in 30s

Your hormonal levels continue to go through a great upheaval during this stage in your life. Leading causes of this turmoil include pregnancy, the discontinued use of birth control pills, or the continued stress that usually go with adult life in these frantic, fast-paced times. Hormonal acne can resurface, melasma patches may begin to appear on the skin, and dark spots on your skin take forever to fade.

Intervention strategies for your 30’s skin care


Most people think they are done with acne in their teens & 20’s. Our stress levels, diet and lifestyles today dictate otherwise. You can indeed suffer terrible breakouts in your 30’s. Adult onset acne can stem from several sources, and result in acne scars, red or dark spots on the skin. Keep in mind that your skin is not as resilient as & responsive as 20’s skin. It turns over more slowly now, and your skin care routine needs to be more committed

You may find that the same stand-alone anti-acne products that were effective in your teens & 20’s don’t work. Patience is needed as your skin may not be as responsive, and requires more time to recover from inflammation. 

30s woman with melanopeel

Interventions for adult onset acne:

This acne can come with much inflammation. Good Melanopeel anti-inflammatory active ingredient choices include mandelic acid, glycolic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), stronger retinols, benzoyl peroxide, lactic acid, & salicylic acid, These can be used at lower levels in Melanopeel cleansers & toners, or at higher levels in your home peels and home peeling pads.

Home microneedling with our Melanoroller is also highly recommended to augment your treatment results. Your skin care regime should also include professional treatments at your Melanopeel clinic for deeper medical microneedling, stronger professional grade peels, and Melanopeel medical facials.


These troublesome brown butterfly pattern patches on the face often emerge around this time, especially with childbirth. They are very difficult to manage, and tend to re-appear on exposure to sunlight. While they may never go away completely, Melanopeel has effective protocols & interventions for managing them.

Melanopeel has effective melasma treatment protocols.

Interventions for melasma & hyperpigmentation:

Melasma areas of the skin tend to be more sensitive, and respond best to a balanced regime of skin lighteners, retinols, and some repairing love of the barrier-membrane. The Melanopeel regimes include superstars like mandelic acid, Asian skin lighteners (kojic acid, arbutin), hydroquinone, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, skin probiotics, azelaic acid, antioxidants, and botanical extracts. Your Melanopeel clinic will advise you based on your individual skin requirements.


30s skin with melasma

Similar to melasma, fading darkened spots & uneven skin tones requires a careful balance of skin lightening combined with the synergies of barrier membrane repair to promote healthy skin while effectively fading darkened skin. Home microneedling with our Melanopeel serums will also help greatly reduce skin discolorations.

Remember that you may also need professional treatments at your Melanopeel clinic for deeper medical microneedling, stronger professional grade peels, and Melanopeel medical facials.


Years of exposure (even low grade) to UV rays will start to show on your skin. During your 30s, the cells that produce pigments go on overdrive mode. As a result, you see more dark spots (or age spots) on your face. Things like certain drugs and hormonal changes may make matters worse. Your slower cell turnover is also responsible for impairing how your skin heals & recovers making damaged skin appear worse over time.

Interventions for sun damage & photo aging:

Photoaged skin can certainly be improved. Damage has occurred in the deeper dermal layer of the skin, therefore treatments aimed at reversal should be more aggressive. Your home regime may include more resurfacing home peels, like our Mandelic / TCA Ultra peel, and our stronger high-potency retinols or prescription retinoid creams.

sun damaged skin in 30s

Your anti-aging regime should also include professional treatments at your Melanopeel clinic for deeper medical microneedling, stronger professional grade peels, and Melanopeel anti-aging corrective medical facials.


Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by chronic inflammation & skin redness. Symptoms include blushing, looking flushed, and redness, as well as inflamed bumps that look like pimples. Rosacea makes your skin more sensitive & less tolerable to harsh skincare.

Interventions for rosacea & sensitive skin:

Rosacea prone skin needs to be treated with love, while giving it the correct active ingredients to allow it to heal and strengthen itself. Mandelic & azelaic acid are our top 2 favorite active ingredients for rosacea & sensitive skin. You can get these in our cleansers, toners & treatment serums. In addition to making your skin more resilient, they are also have antiinflammatory properties to calm the skin. Keep in mind that dark skin can also suffer from rosacea.

To balance our strong skin-strengthening active ingredients, Melanopeel carries the best hydrators and barrier membrane repairing products. Our hydrators include a range of skin oils, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, ceramide barrier restoring lotions, serums & creams. Best recommendations will be made by your Melanopeel clinic.


As you skin gets older, you may notice your eyes get more crow’s feet, your forehead lined with more wrinkles, and your under-eyes forming more obvious bags. You might also notice that your nasolabial folds (what is more commonly referred to as laugh lines) now appear more prominent. Your face may begin losing of some of it’s pleasing youthful fullness with loss of collagen, facial bone, muscles and fat.

At this stage, you can consider treatments with your Aesthetic Physician for treatments such as Botox, fillers, and other anti-aging aesthetic procedures.

While aging is inevitable and we cannot stop it, we can certainly choose how we want to age in our 30’s into our 40’s.

You can choose how your skin ages.

Interventions for early aging skin:

woman in 30s with melanoroller

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are up there as one of your anti-aging interventions. These go hand-in-hand with strong retinols & prescription strength retinoids. These are super effective at making your skin’s cycle a younger one, and normalizing how your skin functions. Home and medical grade micro needling (collagen-induction therapy) are also excellent stimulating options for helping the skin make new collagen.


Neck & décolletage – as you get older, it becomes even more important to pay your neck and décolletage. These areas are delicate and sensitive, and are likely to be the first areas to indicate signs of premature aging. Keep in mind that your “face” includes the areas beginning with your boobs and ending with your hairline.

Eyes – Your eye area is more likely to show premature signs of aging earlier, compared to other parts of your face. It basically has no oil glands to keep it looking plump and young. Moreover, your facial expressions – like when you squint or smile, result in forming lines in your eyes that may become permanent. Dark circles may also now become more apparent.

Use our Melanopeel eye creams & eye treatments as your best bet against premature eye aging. Apply the cream on the area around the orbital bone (the area found at the crest of your cheekbone). Do not apply it too near your lashes; otherwise, the cream may get into your eyes and cause puffiness or discomfort.

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Sunscreen – We already know that UV damage is a serious cause of early aging. But many of us still forget this important daily step in skin care. At Melanopeel, we’ve made this easy for you. Our sunscreens can be used as makeup base, after you have applied your daytime serums or lotions. Some folks even use our tinted mineral sunscreens on their own and a lightly tinted foundation. Our sunscreen SPFs range from 30-40, and are all super boosted with anti-inflammatory antioxidants & vitamins to further reduce UV damage.

Sleep – In the daytime your skin has to deal with stress & UV damage. But at night, it switches to repair. renewal & recovery mode. Ideally 8 hours of sleep is recommended for optimal skin rejuvenation, especially as your skin will not have the same regenerating capacity as in your 20’s.


You will not need all of these! Your Melanopeel clinic will make customized recommendations based on what’s best for your skin type & your budget.

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