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In your 40’s, you’ve now likely hit your personal peak with self-confidence, personal life, and a career. But you might also likely see significant changes in your skin which you may not like. Your 40’s skin depends a lot on how you cared for your skin in your 20’s and your 30’s.

Skin aging in your 40’s

Genetics play a huge role in how your skin ages. But other very important factors include environmental exposure, diet, and how well you looked after your skin in your 20’s & 30’s!

Let’s look closer at what happens:

1. Estrogen declines:

Estrogen decline at this time means drier skin. Although you may have observed this earlier, you will definitely start seeing more of this in your 40s.

2. Collagen production decreases:

Skin begins to lose some of its old firm, taut, & youthful look. You may begin to see signs of skin beginning to sag, since it becomes less elastic. You will notice this particularly in your jaw and eye areas where the loss of fatty deposits often results in skin some drooping around the mouth, and under eye bags. Persons who smoke may notice that facial changes occur earlier as this habit prematurely ages the skin.

3. Facial structure changes:

The loss of estrogen not only affects collagen, elastin & fat, but also affects the bone. The bone becomes less dense – a change that can affect the facial structure, especially with a more sunken look to the eyes, and the middle part of the face.

4. More wrinkles:

You may notice some lines that weren’t there in your 30s. When you get to your 40s, fine lines which started developing in your 30’s become more visible, more deeply etched, and some seem to be there for good. These lines generally form in areas where you make alot of facial expressions like your forehead, between the eyes, and around the eyes.

5. More broken capillaries:

Your capillaries contain collagen and elastin for support. As you age, general body loss of elastin and collagen occurs. This includes your capillaries. These losses make your skin more vulnerable to injury, bruising & maked rosacea appear worse. Even normal wear and tear can result in popping your capillaries, with the weaker blood vessels becoming more visible through the skin.

6. Age spots, hyperpigmentation & photo-damage:

While you may have gotten away with unprotected sun exposure in your youth, now is not a good time to do so! Even the slightest sun exposure can result in dark spots & hyperpigmentation. These visual changes can indeed make your skin appear aged.

7. Skin loses its luster:

Cells deep in the skin called fibroblasts produce your elastin and collagen. But they also produce another coveted substance which makes your skin look radiant – hyaluronic acid (HA). This hydrator plumps your skin from the inside, and also helps support your other skin cells which produce natural ceramides which nourish your skin. Less HA means that skin becomes stripped of it’s youthful fresh complexion.

8. More sensitive skin:

With age, skin becomes drier and more sensitive to irritation. You may find some areas itch a bit more. Immune cells within the skin and your protective barrier membrane function changes with age and these become less efficient. Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) also happens at a faster rate, meaning that your skin loses it’s ability to naturally retain water. All these contribute to skin dehydration, sensitivity, and skin cells more reactivity than younger skin.

You can choose how your skin ages:

While aging (sadly) cannot be reversed, it can be managed. You can indeed choose how you age, or simply put- you can decide how quickly your skin declines.

You can decide how your skin will age.

We have formulated for you some of the best anti-aging products & treatments on the market. Let’s see now how you can best manage your skin in your 40’s.

You may have heard that you need to avoid “harsh” chemicals on your skin. Define harsh? Harsh is when you pour caustic substances like liquid bleach, lime juice & paint strippers on to your skin – these will chemically damage and burn your skin. Medical grade skin care is not going to be “harsh” on you skin. Resurfacing skin peels resulting in shedding of the skin actually strengthen your skin, as do retinoids like tretinoin. This does not equate to being harsh on your skin – this is in fact loving your skin, and not mistreating it.

By choosing the right routine & professional treatments, you can actually decide how your skin will age.

Your home anti-aging skin care.

You need to stage a serious intervention for aging skin to decelerate the aging process.

We will now go through a skin-loving routine for managing 40’s skin. And yes, it needs to include some serious skin care to kick your sluggish skin cells back into gear. Older skin will not suddenly behave younger unless you are committed to staging an intervention.

Your daily routine – our approach is a balanced one:

  • This will include active cleansers & toners on most days. These help to resurface your skin daily on a microscopic level. By doing this, you assist your skin in making new skin cells at a deeper level.
  • We have “off” day cleansers & toners which help to maintain the function of your skin’s barrier function, and replenish needed ceramides.
  • Skin timulating Daily treatment serums – your clinic will advise you on the best combination and numbers of days to use each one. Remember, the skin is complex, and no 1 magical product will fix your skin, especially in your 40’s.
  • Active ingredients to target your daily skin issues can include retinol, retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids (mandelic, lactic, glycolic), and the beta hydroxy acid salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide for acne, azelaic acid, vitamin C, tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and skin lighteners.
  • Hydration & nourishment – these products aim to replenish your barrier membrane, moisture levels, and maintain correct ceramide & microbiome balance. Hyaluronic acid, peptides, and our Dermal Recover Serum all help create a more balanced outer skin experience.
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen – these will not only protect you from UVA & UVB damage, but also blue light emitted from your devices and even your background fluorescent light.
  • Diet & exercise – these may be your best anti-aging skin protectors. Adhering to a strict diet, water intake & exercise routine helps greatly in reducing internal body inflammation & strengthens your immune system. This reflects in your overall health, and shows in your radiant skin.

Your weekly routine – your skin will thank you for this:

  • Use the Melanoroller home microneedle roller weekly, at night, for physical stimulation of the skin, stimulate the cells which produce collagen, and help strengthen your skin’s capillaries which provide overall nourishment to the skin.
  • Do a weekly home peel – while every other week or even once a month was OK in your 20’s and 30’s, your 40’s skin is on the decline. With skin cells and your skin cycle slowing down, now is the time to take your skin on a butt-kicking workout. Think of it like taking your skin to the gym – with the overall metabolism slowing down, you need something stronger to get it back into youthful shape. When done properly, it can be done with the correct weekly home peel, without causing damage to your skin.
  • Mask weekly – while this will not cause drastic skin changes, our Skin Renewal Enzyme Peel Mask a great spa-like relaxing treatment delivering beneficial supportive sea minerals, clays, & hydration to your skin.

Your monthly routine – Go Pro:

Don’t underestimate the benefits of your professional Melanopeel treatments for managing skin aging. The following treatments are available only from your Melanopeel clinic, and offer you the most amazing benefits of glowing skin that behaves younger & firmer. The best combination and treatment schedule will be determined & customized by your clinic. Pro treatments include:

physician using melanopeel for microdermabrasion
  • The Melanofacial Medical facials
  • Melanopen Medical Microneedle treatments for wrinkles & hyperpigmentation
  • Professional mandelic acid peel blends at several peel depth levels, from superficial to deep.

Time for your injectables & medical aesthetic treatments:

Botox®, Dermal Fillers & other medical aesthetic procedures when done by a qualified professional are not to be feared. There is a reason why Hollywood & the elite are addicted – they work and really do help you look and feel amazing. Did you know that Botox® treatments down-regulate muscles in your face that make you feel less depressed?

Botox treatments are proven to help lower feelings of depression.

  • Botox® is a treatment that involves injecting the substance botulinum toxins in very low doses into facial muscles to reduce fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and other key areas as determined by your aesthetic doctor.
  • Dermal filler treatments are cosmetic injections of injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) (not the same formulation as our serums – the injectable HA is structured differently). These injections plump and fill out lines and wrinkles, and restore volume to the face, like the naso-labial folds next to the mouth.
  • Face lifting threads are another excellent anti-aging option for managing wrinkles and facial folds.
  • Laser skin resurfacing & Photofacials – these treatments rely on energy devices and laser light energy to tighten & resurface the skin, help reduce pigmentation, age spots, and reverse the effects of sun-damage.
  • Laser hair removal (LHR) – these can be done at any decade in adulthood, however, some patients may notice a re-emergence of sprouting hairs on the face. These are best dealt with LHR, before the hairs turn grey. After greying, LHR will not be an effective treatment for hair reduction.
  • Other aesthetic treatments and radiofrequency devices can be used to lifting and firming of the skin & the dermis. All aesthetic treatments are best used in combination with each other.

Results of these aesthetic treatments are not permanent, and have to be done at regular intervals ranging from every 3 months to every 3 years. These are generally safe, and commitment to these professional treatments can indeed help enhance your youthful appearance for a long time.


You will not need all of these! Your Melanopeel clinic will make customized recommendations based on what’s best for your skin type & your budget.

Skin resurfacers:

For sun-damage, sun-spots & hyperpigmentation:

Skin stimulators:

Nourishing hydrators & Eye Treatments:

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