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*Terms and Conditions before submitting:

  • Each discount code for one time use at participating clinics.
  • Please submit the name of your treating physician, as they need to credited for your treatment.
  • Poor image and video quality will not be considered.
  • Images and videos will need to demonstrate a visible and discernible change in skin improvement.
  • Images must include at least 1 Melanopeel® skin care product visible in picture or video.
  • Skin care routine must include use of Melanopeel® skin care.
  • Video required to support veracity of images.
  • You agree to allow Skin Innovations to use your images and videos for promotional & marketing purposes upon submission of images & videos (accepted material only).
  • We are not responsible for shipping & duties associated with products.

Upon submission, we will contact you to inform you of our acceptance or non-acceptance of your images. Accepted images only will be included for our promotional material. Upon acceptance, we will issue you a 1-time use promotional code for your next product purchase. Maximum product purchase of USD$ 500.00. You may submit more than once to illustrate different transformational changes.

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