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acne hyperpigmentation on face
PIH darkened acne scars

Not everyone will get hyperpigmentation after suffering from pimples. If you are one of those, we will give you answers from a panel of our expert physicians. Darker skin tones such as Hispanic, Black and Indian skin tend to react more to acne inflammation, resulting in dark post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) spots.

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The common denominator here is the prevention of inflammation.

When darker skin and skin prone to hyperpigmentation becomes inflamed, this sets off a cascade of cellular reactions which excite the melanin-producing cells.

This excess release of pigmentation is actually a defense mechanism of the skin.

Melanin is an awesome skin protector and powerful antioxidant. Your melanin cells are actually trying to protect your skin from harmful insults.

The problem in darker skin is that these cells can produce way more pigment than is necessary, leaving your skin with unsightly dark marks.

To overcome this, your best protection is to have a prevention strategy – stop acne from occurring in the first place.

Your next strategy if you do get breakouts is to minimize the amount of inflammation, and fade pigmented lesions when they occur.

Preventing acne hyperpigmentation:

Melanopeel® makes your skin produce less pigment when you break out, and also fades existing marks.

  1. Use medical grade skin care that is anti-inflammatory and which gets to the root of acne. This is what Melanopeel® was designed for.
  2. Do not aggravate your lesions by picking. Not only does this ramp up inflammation, you also introduce more bacteria to your face and make a bad situation even worse.
  3. Use anti-inflammatory agents on your face such as ice, and calming skin care. Hydrocortisone cream can be used as a short-term solution, but is not meant for regular usage.
  4. Invest in good quality anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pigmentation skin care such as Melanopeel®.
  5. Use the Melanoroller at home. This home microneedle treatments helps in reducing overall breakouts, and also breaks up brown melanin pigment.

Long-term use and overuse of steroid cream on your face leads to thinning of the skin, and can further increase breakouts.

Skin care to prevent acne hyperpigmentation:

Your Melanopeel® strategy for acne hyperpigmentation includes high-powered cleansers, toners, skin resurfacers, anti-acne serums, skin lighteners & microneedling.

Your power ingredients: Mandelic acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, glycolic acid, retinol, Vitamin C, TCA, & skin lighteners (both hydroquinone & non- hydroquinone based). And don’t forget your roller!

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