With skin care, millions of people around the globe are investing a lot of time and money searching for the right product they can purchase right off the shelves of a pharmacy, department store, spa, organic store, or beauty kiosk.

If you are facing acne problems, want to remove blemishes and keep your skin look healthier and younger, we’ll guide you on how to invest in skincare and achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

You’ll hear different people talking about a variety of skincare products based on two major concepts, Over-the-Counter (OTC) products, and Medical Grade skincare products. Both are different and are also widely used by consumers, but knowing the truth is important if you value your skin, health, beauty, money and time. Everybody wants results, but at the same time, nobody wants to break his bank. So, what does it mean when we call a product OTC or medical grade skincare? How these products are different? What option best suits you?

What are over the counter (OTC) products?

OTC skin care products are simply the products that are accessible through retail, departmental or drug stores “over-the-counter”. A prescription is not required for purchasing these OTC products. You can self-diagnose your skin and select the product option that you believe is best for you, rather than visiting a trained healthcare professional to examine your skin.

over the counter otc products

The reason that OTC skincare products do not require a prescription is that they contain low levels of active ingredients.

A recent study found that approximately 90% of the ingredients present in OTC products consist of water and filler, leaving only 10% to treat your skin.

OTC skincare products including the broad category of ‘natural products‘ don’t or rarely penetrate in skin layers, leaving active ingredients to sit on top of dead skin cells. If you are seeking solutions related to acne, aging or sunspots, you need a product that can penetrate deep in the skin. So, in your case, OTC products are of limited value in helping transform your skin.

Did you know that OTC products and those labeled as ‘natural products’ are not required to have clinical studies or testing done? This means that claims are frequently unproven and not evidence-based. Therefore, you often end up investing in a product that does not guarantee results.

OTC products will usually provide skin hydration, and short-term results.

Did you ever notice that your acne and skin discolorations return after a few months of using your OTC acne wash or toner?

Although there may have been a temporary improvement, it has been shown that using only soap and water for face washing improves acne by reducing the bacterial count on your skin.

So if you need a product that produces good hydration, smells heavenly, gives you a shimmer, or feels silky on your skin, an OTC product can provide this for you.

Medical grade is better.

On the other hand, Medical Grade skincare products are known for their high concentration of active ingredients and their potency. These formulations are designed specifically to reach the deepest levels in your skin facilitating collagen & elastin production, pigmentation correction, along with increased skin cell turn over.

If you suffer from acne. hyperpigmentation, sun-damage, skin laxity, wrinkles, or melasma, medical grade skincare is your best bet for long-term control of your skin.

medical grade skin care products

By getting down to the root of the problem, medical grade skin care products help in reducing problems related to wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, hyperpigmentation. aging and acne.

Usually, the higher the amount the active ingredients, the better are the results. However, a specialized healthcare professional such as a Melanopeel® clinician is required to ensure that you are utilizing the appropriate amount of active ingredient based on your skin, type of problem and your skin’s needs.

Medical grade skin care products have been scientifically proven to work as these are developed after extensive clinical research. The number of years invested in research has enabled us to find appropriate amounts of active ingredients that will work most effectively for you in making real changes to your skin.

Melanopeel® is manufactured at one of the top FDA-compliant registered facility in the USA, and conforms to the strictest of standards of safe medical grade skin care.

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