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Aquaporins are the hidden secrets of skin health. These tiny proteins in our cells regulate water flow, ensuring skin stays hydrated and resilient. Think of them as nature’s ultimate moisture managers, selectively allowing water molecules to enter while blocking out harmful substances. Melanopeel introduces 3 formulations with Aqua-Por™ technology to naturally boost your skin’s aquaporins.

Melanopeel has 3 amazing formulations with Aqua-Por™ technology to naturally boost your skin’s aquaporins.

Aquaporins, specifically aquaporin 3 (AQ3), are found abundantly in the skin epidermis and are emerging as a game-changer in our Melanopeel skincare options, offering surface hydration and deep, long-lasting rejuvenation.

Prolonged sun exposure, acne, environmental toxins, and aging can reduce the number of AQP3 in the epidermis, disrupting the skin’s water balance. Reduction in aquaporins 3 results in a disrupted skin barrier and worsens some skin conditions like acne, dermatitis (eczema) and psoriasis.

Indeed, the function of aquaporins aligns with their role as channels that facilitate water movement among cells, and this is anatomically important to the skin’s physiology. A higher quantity of aquaporins promotes increased water distribution, while a lower quantity causes skin dryness since trans-epidermal water loss from keratinocytes causes skin dryness – this is regulated by our many aquaporins. Boosting aquaporin function through our Melanopeel creams & serums is crucially important for improving skin hydration by restoring keratinocyte hydration balance. They also helps reduce inflammation, dryness, and skin redness.

Melanopeel Stimulates Aquaporin Production for Long-lasting Enhanced Skin Hydration

Aquaporin 3 is classified as an aquaglyceroporin and plays a dual role in overseeing water and glycerol transport across the skin membrane. Our Melanopeel Aqua-Por™ formulations are essential for preserving skin moisture, fluidity and elasticity, while fortifying the skin’s protective barrier. Glycerin in our optimal Melanopeel concentrations ensures synergistic activation of your aquaporin channels with continued use. Ensuring proper hydration gets you a radiant and glowing complexion while clearing your acne, eczema, and hyperpigmentation.

Melanopeel Aqua-Por™ Formulations can be used to speed post-treatment healing.

Our Aqua-Por™ formulations are:

  1. Collagen Ceramide Hyaluronic Hydrator – Is a concentrated biologically active luxurious oil-free humectant hydrator with nano-hyaluronic acid, silk peptides, collagen and 3 essential bio-ceramides for the ultimate increase in skin hydration. This hydrator features two exceptional Melanopeel’s® proprietary technologies – Barrier-Derm™ technology for ceramide dermal fluidity restoration giving you the ultimate in skin softness by protecting your skin’s natural barrier function – and – Aqua-Por™ technology for the natural cellular upregulation of skin hydration through Aquaporin membrane channels.
  2. Niacinamide B3 B5 Zinc Serum – This beautiful light-weight serum does wonders for oily skin. In addition to Melanopeel’s Aqua-Por™ technology, it also controls oily skin with our Sebu-Stat™ sebum control actives. Niacinamide, vitamin B5, Zinc PCA, & hyaluronic acid plus powerful oil regulators make this serum an essential piece for repairing and controlling blemishes. This versatile hydrator is excellent for inflamed acne-prone skin, acne-rosacea, sun-damaged skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, and helps reduce skin discolorations.
  3. Pore Refinish Serum is just that – an excellent mattifying (but hydrating) pore refiner for large pores, oily skin, and blemish-prone skin. Niacinamide, Zinc PCA, phytosterols, and lemon peel & sage extracts help gets skin tighter, smoother, with an air-brushed finish. This oil-free light-weight serum can be used synergistically with our Niacinamide B3 B5 Zinc Serum.
  4. All serums are healing, & formulated to aid post treatment recovery of lasers, chemical peels, & microneedling.
  5. With continued use, you increase your AQ3 proteins for extended longer lasting hydration benefits.

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