Mineral Sunscreens🔅

Why we love them 💞

Did you read here about the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens? If not, please click on now. It’s well worth the read. We love all of the Melanopeel® sunscreens as they all give you double benefits to the skin.

Melanopeel sunscreens are super-charged with antioxidants for double protection

Our antioxidant-rich sunscreens really help protect your skin with a second layer of protection against free-radical and DNA damage. You won’t find this with your regular sunscreen.

While all the Melanopeel® sunscreens will double protect you without aggravating your acne (they’re all non-comedogenic), we wanted to list and highlight to you the special benefits of our mineral sunscreens.

Benefits of the Melanopeel® mineral (physical) sunscreens:

  • √ They are tinted, which is perfect for you if you’re darker complexioned.
  • √ They are tinted AND complexion adjusting, which is perfect if you’re light OR dark complexioned.
  • √ They contain protective antioxidants which further reduce inflammation from sun burns. Perfect for sun-damaged, rosacea & sensitive skin.
  • √ You can use them on babies over 6 months.
  • √ Can be used during pregnancy.
  • √ They contain reef-safe ingredients, and are waterproof for 40 – 80 minutes. This means that they stay on your skin instead of floating off to our precious corals.
  • √ They feel heavenly, and can be used as a foundation.
  • √ They are oil-free and non-comedogenic. Perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • √ If you wear heavier makeup, you can use it under your makeup.
  • √ Our Whipped sunscreen is oh so easy to apply.
  • √ All can be used on both face and body.
  • √ They all contain anti-inflammatory zinc oxide.
  • √ There are no artificial dyes, tints, perfumes, or preservatives.

Our mineral sunscreens:

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