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My Acne Products Have Stopped Working.

The competition for medical skin care acne lines in fierce! Each one has such convincing marketing that it’s almost impossible to resist the the shiny labels and ritzy videos of acne-free skin. You’re compelled to make that purchase, and you do.

Usually, one of 3 scenarios occur with that purchase:

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How it beginsIt all starts out great and the products work really well. Your breakouts are definitely less.

3 months later – Your star products that were working out so well are beginning to fail you and stop working. Your breakouts are coming back full speed at you.

What’s happeningYour purchase was likely a product line containing just enough active ingredients to temporarily elicit a positive skin reaction. The concentrations unfortunately are at levels not strong enough to overcome your skin’s ability to get used to the products. Your skin is intelligent and capable of creating barrier defenses to protect itself from the activity of products. The bacteria on your skin may also stop responding and become resistant to weak medication.


How it beginsThe products are very active, and you panic at your skin’s reaction. You’re thinking of stopping.

3 months later – You continued using your active products and your skin is actually improving!

What’s happeningYour product line understands that for skin to overcome an unhealthy balance, changes need to occur with it’s physiological behavior. These changes involve skin resurfacing, and the rapid proliferation of new healthy skin. Think of like going to the gym for the first time – your body goes into shock and hurts for a few days before healing itself and getting healthier. If you stop, then your body goes right back to where it was. If you continue your workouts, then your body’s physiology changes and your shape transforms and becomes healthier. Scenario 2 represents how the Melanopeel® Skin Clarity system works.


How it beginsYou are disappointed at how slowly things are progressing, if at all. That purchase was a complete waste.

3 months later Your slow progress continued as expected.

What’s happeningYour products do not contain clinically active ingredients at levels sufficiently strong enough to overcome the complexities of treating acne.

These 3 scenarios help explain why your products are not created equal.

While this may not always actually occur, these represent the most common scenarios. Let’s now try to explain what’s going on.

The interplay of product strength and skin physiology is complex, and different persons react differently to the exact same products.

This is the reason why your skin care regime for controlling your acne needs to be customized for you. You should expect that your skin care regime requires change and modification as you skin acclimatizes. No skin care system understands the complexity of skin and acne physiology like the Melanopeel® Skin Clarity system. This system works for adult acne, teenage acne, and hormonal acne.

Top Acne Medications:

We recommend that you consult with your Melanopeel®-certified clinic for customized recommendations to overcome non-response to your acne medications.

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