Free radicals sound like these invisible rogue baddies that you just can’t get your fingers on. The fact is, free radicals exist and they invisibly and silently damage your skin.

You can’t see them, measure them, or feel them, but we can tell you how to shield your skin from these agents that are constantly attacking the integrity of your skin.

This is what free radicals are:

Free radicals are unstable highly reactive oxygen molecules generated by UV light, our diet, smoking, metabolism, and pollution. They attack the skin and cells looking to steal electrons for them to become stable. As a result, free radicals weaken your skin and your immune system by a process that causes oxidative stress on your body. They systematically damage lipids, proteins and DNA in your body. This damage accumulates, and contributes to the progressive aging of your skin and your entire body.

free radicals

This is what free radicals do:

When free radicals get out of control, they cause a process called oxidative stress. This stress is an imbalance where there is an excess of free radicals stealing electrons from stable body molecules. In oxidative stress, there are not enough available antioxidants to fight off these free radicals and defend your skin. As a result, your barrier membrane becomes compromised, your skin ages faster, and your skin becomes more susceptible to DNA damage.

This is what our antioxidants do:

Melanopeel® recognizes the need for antioxidant skin protection, especially when using strong resurfacing medical grade products. Resurfacing products like hydroxy acids are excellent for the skin. However, these acids remove extra layers of skin which may make your skin more permeable to free radical damage. As a result, most of our products (including cleansers & toners) are balanced with antioxidants for added shielding and protection of your skin.

Known powerful skin antioxidants include vitamins and botanical extracts – retinol (a form of vitamin A), vitamins C&E, niacinamide (vitamin B3), bearberry extract (also a skin lightener), resveratrol, and Asian white tea.

Our top free-radical fighters protect your skin from the environment – what the contain:

  • Vitamin C – Our C serums (Cellular C, Cellular Crx, Tranexa-C). It is also contained in several of our skin care products.
  • Vitamin E – Contained in most of our products as a formula stabilizer.
  • Retinol – Our Melanostat™ Retinol series (pads, lotions & serums), Rapid Repair Retinols.
  • Niacinamide – Tranexa B & Tranexa Microneedle Serum.
  • Bearberry – All our Melanostat™ Pads, Lotion & Serums.
  • Resveratrol – Smoothing Day skin lightening Serum.
  • Asian white tea – A more powerful antioxidant than the traditional green tea.

Our Free-Radical Fighters:

Read more about the full Melanopeel product range.

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