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Vitamin C 🍊

Your skin really loves this antioxidant.

And do we mean LOVE! Vitamin C is simply one of these must-have skin care ingredients. If you are a smoker, or suffer from sun-damaged skin, it is highly recommended that you have one of the Melanopeel® C serums as part of your skin care necessities. We will review the numerous advantages of vitamin C for your skin.

Did you know that not all vitamin C’s will protect and lighten your skin as promised?

It is recommended that you use medical grade vitamin C serums from your clinician for the best potency & penetration. To understand more, click here to find out why all vitamin C serums are not created equal.

Vitamin C the anti-oxidant:

Free radicals from the environment and sun essentially poke channels into your cells, weakening your barrier membrane and your skin’s defenses. Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant scavenges around looking for free radicals to deactivate them.

Vitamin C the anti-oxidant regenerator:

On it’s own vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. But it gets even better – vitamin C helps other anti-oxidants such as vitamin E and glutathione regenerate and become even more powerful in the body.

Vitamin C for UV sun protection and less inflammation:

Studies have proven that cells exposed to vitamin C have the enhanced ability to be protected from UV light, with less redness and inflammation of the skin.

melanopeel cellular vitamin c serum

This is great news for persons with skin damage due to sun exposure.

Most vitamin C serums on the market are unable to penetrate and deliver the correct amounts of C

Vitamin C for skin exfoliation:

The pH of our vitamin C serums are in the ideal range to encourage removal of damaged surface skin by exfoliation. This also helps to keep your skin smooth, and shed pigmented skin for clearer more radiant skin.

Vitamin C for pigmentation:

We already mentioned that our vitamin C serums help you shed pigmented surface skin. But the true magic of vitamin C for pigmentation goes way deeper into your skin – to the layers of cells that produce melanin. Our C’s penetrate deeply enough to affect your melanin-producing cells, and signal them to produce less of the dark pigment. This way our C serums have a double effect on reducing skin discolorations.

vitamin c serum in lab

Vitamin C for anti-aging and firmer skin:

By influencing enzymes needed to produce stable collagen, vitamin C is able to help strengthen the skin, and also the capillaries in the skin. This results in fewer wrinkles and skin that bruises less. These effects of vitamin C, however, are deeper into the skin, and may be achieved with professional treatments such as medical microneedling able to reach the fibroblast cells deep in the skin’s dermis.

Vitamin C for healthier skin:

As you can see, vitamin C has several protective and anti-aging effects on the skin. Our vitamin C serums can be safely mixed with our retinols or our Dermal Recover Serum, even on sensitive skin.

Caution: Use sun protection of SPF 30+ with our vitamin C serums. May cause skin irritation on very sensitive skin.

The Melanopeel® Vitamin C concentrates

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