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Exotic Skin Needs Melanopeel.


Darker exotic skin such as Mediterranean, Indian, Asian and African patients contain higher levels of the pigment melanin. This pigment is an immune modulator, meaning that it is a key protective molecule within the skin. Melanopeel was made for ethnic skin and dark skin tones.

Melanin & melanocytes:

Melanocytes are skin cells which produce melanin, and react quickly to injury and sunlight. A darker form of melanin is produced by exotic skin. This pigment is a strong antioxidant, and also rushes to protect cellular DNA from the damage of the sun’s ultraviolet light.

Overproduction of melanin in darker skin shows on the skin surface as dark spots and uneven patches of the complexion.

This teaching video explains the difference in reactivity of melanins between dark & light skin (courtesy Dr. Desmer Destang).

Skin Reactivity of Dark Versus Light Skin

To get an even toned complexion and fade dark skin discolorations, mandelic acid-based treatments remain the best options for exotic skin.

Melanopeel helps hyperpigmentation:

Melanopeel is highly effective for complexion toning of dark skin, fading dark marks, correcting uneven skin tones, fighting acne and skin discolorations, and also controlling melasma. Patients who have used other medical grade skin systems can testify to the remarkable results from Melanopeel® .

Dr. Desmer Destang has over a decade of experience with mandelic acid on exotic skin, and continues to make Melanopeel® her skin care line of choice for all skin colors, especially dark skin.

Mandelic acid with it’s larger molecular size works by creating a broader, more horizontal pattern of pigment correction, as compared to the tiny molecular size of glycolic acid which results in a narrower vertical pattern of pigmentation correction.

What this means clinically is that skin-lighteners used with a mandelic acid based system result in a nicer, more even correction of the complexion, without the patchy bleached areas seen with glycolic acid based systems. Mandelic acid works at a slower, steadier rate which is advantageous for darker skin tones. I see much less pigmentation rebound and a more natural looking color correction with Melanopeel® when compared with any other medical grade system”.

The Melanopeel® system is based primarily on mandelic acid and supported by other powerful ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid, trichloracetic acid (TCA), glycolic acid, hydroquinone, retinol, and peptides.

Other key disease-specific players include micronized benzoyl peroxide & azelaic acid. The specific formulations of the line ensures the maximum safety on all skin colors, especially darker skintones prone to hyperpigmentation.

These highly active medical concentrates can be very irritating and drying on the skin. To balance this activity, the Melanopeel system has created a unique balance of skin-loving botanical actives to counter inflammation and irritation.

The system is also free of harsh skin ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates and irritating preservatives. Mandelic acid is naturally anti-bacterial and this alone helps in the preservation of serums, toners and cleansers.

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