Vitamin C Serums Are Not Created Equal.

Medical grade is best

Vitamin C is a superstar skin care ingredient. BUT you will only see these skin benefits with the right formulation of vitamin C.

Let’s review 3 things that you probably already know about Vitamin C:

  1. It is an antioxidant that fights damaging free radicals
  2. It helps to lighten the skin
  3. It boosts collagen

But is this the full story of vitamin C? Absolutely not.

Vitamin C is a great all rounder that also strengthens the skin against sun damage, regenerates a cascade of other anti-oxidants, fortifies your skin capillaries, and reduces inflammation.

Most over the counter vitamin C products on the market will not provide antioxidant, photo-protective, or skin lightening benefits to your skin.

Vitamin C is one of those molecules that does not like to be on the skin, and is actually repelled by the layers of your skin because of electrical charges. Another thing is that vitamin C is unstable in air and light and very easily broken down (becomes dark brown). Our vitamin C’s come in dark bottles, and are well protected from light.

melanopeel vitamin c serum

Many persons believe that L-ascorbic acid is the only and best bioavailable form of vitamin C for the skin. While L-ascorbic acid is good, it is an unstable form of vitamin C. Vitamin C phosphate derivatives are able to provide better vitamin C delivery and stability. The concentration of vitamin C also has to be above 20% for you to get a sufficient dose of goodness to the skin.

Then there is the issue of skin penetration.

You may see your product labeled at 20% vitamin C, but the question is – can this even penetrate into the layers of skin which needs the nutrition?

You may have a stable form of vitamin C, but penetration of this electrically charged molecule will not occur unless the pH is correct. Vitamin C needs to be in an acidic pH to be able to get into the skin.

Our Melanopeel® vitamin C serums all operate at the correct pH for you to get a good healthy dose of stable, bioavailable vitamin C.

To read more about the full benefits of vitamin see, click here.

Our Cellular C Serums have excellent skin penetration, stability & bioavailability.

Good for: Smokers and sun damaged skin.

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