tinted mineral sunscreens

Color Adjusting Tinted Mineral Sunscreens

Can your mineral (physical) sunscreen adjust to your skin tone, or does it remain white on your skin? Skin can take on an opaque white look with mineral sunscreens. This color change is most evident on dark skin. Let’s review these awesome sunscreens.

Welcome to the new generation of sunscreens that adjust to your skin tone. And we mean any skin tone.

The secret of our oil-free mineral sunscreens.

The Melanopeel mineral sunscreens contain a triple combination of the highest quality zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. This combination results in superior cosmetic coverage and color, while providing physical sun screening protection. Our triple mineral combination are all beneficial to the skin. To boost our sunscreens for skin protection, they also contain vitamin antioxidants that further destroy free-radicals from the sun. They are also oil-free & non-comedogenic.

Did you know that zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory to the skin, and is used in baby diaper rash creams? This is one of the reasons that our color self-adjusting sunscreens go so well with acne-prone and oily skin. You’re decreasing inflammation and acne while protecting your skin from the sun!

Our mineral sunscreens are not nano-particle.

Nano-particle sunscreens have come into the spotlight as being potentially unsafe. The super tiny sized particles can theoretically become absorbed by the skin and lungs, although there are no conclusive studies that can verify this. And to answer a common question we get, our sunscreens are not nano-particle sized. NANO PARTICLE SUNSCREENS ARE NOT THE SAME AS MICRONIZED SUNSCREENS as nano sizes are much smaller than micronized sizes. The verdict on the safety of the tiniest nano particle sunscreens is still undecided and unknown. Our sunscreens are not created as miniscule nano sizes. So, our sunscreens are of the safe micronized size, and not nano-particles.

Our mineral sunscreens are Reef-Safe.

reef safe mineral sunscreens

What’s even better – our Melanopeel® micronized mineral sunscreens are also certified as reef-safe. They are waterproof for up to 80 minutes which means that they are less likely to wash away from your skin and harm the reefs. Sunscreens are now under scrutiny for their environmental effects on reefs, and most sunscreens currently on the market cannot pass the reef-safe test!

All our mineral sunscreens can be interchanged and used on both face & body. Our tinted range of color self-adjusting sunscreens offers coverage of:

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