Skin lightening is an age-old process which can be traced as far back as the Pharaohs in Egypt. The ancients used milk baths (milk contains lactic acid) to achieve skin lightening. Skin lightening also has a long history in places such as India, Asia, China, Japan, and Africa where herbs, botanicals, spices and oils were used. Melanopeel’s mandelic protocols deliver safe skin lightening for a naturally clearer complexion.

The taboo of skin lightening stems from the theory that persons using skin lighteners are perceived as wanting to appear white and more Caucasian. In reality, we have found that most patients seeking skin lightening are in fact trying to blend an uneven skin tone, where some areas are dark, and some are lighter.

Melanotoning™ & skin lightening by Melanopeel® :

The need to blend skin tones is seen often in cosmetic skin conditions such as acne spots, melasma, sun damage, and skin scars. With the Melanopeel® protocols, we aim to blend your skin tone. What’s even better, our skin lightening products are all formulated for high levels of safety without toxic skin ingredients. They contain medical-grade ingredients dispensed under medical supervision. Our skin lighteners also contain a healthy dose of high-grade purified botanicals for a healthy skin balance.

As part of our Melantoning™ process for blending skin tones, the melanin-producing cells of over-active cells are highly targeted, but some deactivation of the less active melanin cells will occur to.

The end result is a more blended and even skin tone that takes on the shade of your naturally lighter body parts.

Your skin tone also takes on a more natural, even color, rather than the grey undertones of bleached out skin.

How we safely lighten and tone your skin:

The steps to our skin toning process involves the use of protocols incorporating mandelic acid, high potency retinols, and skin lightening agents. Your skin will also be resurfaced and polished with our Mandelic Acid Crystal Peel to maximize the blending process, and achieve the best evening out of your skin tone.

The Steps:

1. Cleanse:

We offer you several options of cleansers – both exfoliating and non-exfoliating. The super exfoliators like our Mandelic Acid Crystal Peel should not be used daily on the facial skin. Ask your Melanopeel® clinic for your customized recommendations.

2. Tone:

Melanopeel® offers you several pigment-reducing mandelic acid based toning options for all skin types. You can use our traditional toners, or use our super boosted toning pads with retinol, botanicals, glycolic and salicylic acids.

3. Treat:

Ask you Melanopeel® clinic for recommendations – you will most likely need more than one product and ingredient to get you the best results. This can include mandelic acid, hydroquinine, skin lighteners like kojic acid & arbutin, peptides, niacinamide, azelaic acid, retinol, vitamin C, and tranexamic acid.

4 Protect:

You need 2 things here – sunscreen and barrier membrane repair products. Again, these need to be customized and based on your skin’s needs.

Here are our top skin lightening and skin toning products. The Melanostat system leads the way for fastest, safest, and most effective results:

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