How Often Do You Need Peels?

Less than you think 😲!

There is a common misconception that you need to see your clinic every month for professional peels, medical facials, microneedling and high tech device treatments.

To answer the question – “Do I Need Monthly Facials & Peels?”, the response is a simple one. No. To be specific – No, not if you are using a Melanopeel regime. Let’s explain.

Monthly professional treatments are not necessary for all patients:

New patients starting out on an anti-acne, anti-aging, acne scar, or pigmentation management regime will usually require a bang-start series of 3-6 treatments. These treatments may include a combination of treatments such as professional peels, microneedling, extractions, or laser treatments.

Most patients will need a bang-start to their medical skin care regime.

Each person will have a different regime, as each person presents with different skin and different skin conditions. An experienced aesthetic physician will know the best way forward, and also how to change treatment plans based on how your skin responds.

What happens after your bang-start series of treatments?

Once improvement is evident, then comes the tricky part. You will probably hear some clinics say that you need monthly maintenance, and some pretty costly treatments. Like what?!? 😲 Your Melanopeel clinic, however, will give you different advice. Chances are, you will be encouraged to become active in your home-care, use safe home peels, and become a proactive partner in managing your treatment results.

Your Melanopeel clinic empowers you in cost-effective skin management.

Melanopeel patients have a keener awareness of their skin. Your clinics are trained in the art of patient empowerment. Our philosophies are simple – we safely instruct you on the best management techniques for using effective home care regimes, and home peels. Our home peels make a difference – based on safe but powerful levels of anti-acne, anti-aging and anti-pigmentation ingredients, we have the ability to effect greater skin transformations.

What this means is that after your series of treatments, you can do some of the important skin maintenance at home, and more cost effectively. Chances are your professional treatments will be every 2-3 months after your jump-start series to simulate your skin.

Why the Melanopeel maintenance philosophy works:

There are a number of positive reasons Melanopeel gets such great results with skin maintenance. Our unique philosophy is based on decades of combined years experience of medical skin care professionals – patients prefer easy cost-effective regimes, and they prefer to be educated and control how their skin behaves.

Patients want to better understand their skin care.

This significantly reduces dependance and commitment to expensive treatments, all while working within the safety zone of clinical efficacy. The 7 pluses of the Melanopeel approach are:

  1. You gain a better understanding of your skin and your natural skin cycles
  2. You can work within safe zones of stronger medical grade skin care
  3. Results will be faster and more consistent
  4. Obviously this will lessen the need for monthly professional treatments
  5. Your overall cost of maintaining your skin goes down
  6. It becomes easier to maintain better skin in the long term
  7. With time, you will recognize when your skin is truly in need of a professional pick-me-up

You really can quickly take elevated control of your skin:

You can do it!

Your elevated home care regime may consist of you doing the following on a weekly or other schedule as determined by your clinic:

  1. Home peels with the safest formulations available for all skin colors. Have fun with it, even – make a home facial out of our home peel treatments.
  2. Home microneedling with Melanopeel’s boosted microneedle serums.
  3. Using effective medical prescription strength active ingredients like mandelic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, tranexamic acid, retinols, azelaic acid, and so much more offered by Melanopeel.

With this simple philosophy, you should expect more consistent long-term results, while gaining a better understanding of your skin.

Our Top 4 Melanopeel Home Care Secret Weapons⚡:

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