You may have been told by your physician to use your retinoids (like tretinoin and adapalene) and retinols only at night. But why is that?

Retinols can make your skin more sensitive:

Strong prescription retinoids such as tretinoin can make your skin more photosensitive on exposure to sun. Therefore physicians generally prefer to have patients use these at night, with a good sunscreen in the day. First time users of retinoids are likely to experience increased skin sensitivity. With continued use, however, this sensitivity reduces significantly. Patients acclimatized to their retinoid routine are fine using their product in the day, as long as a protective sunscreen of SPF 30+ is used.

Good quality retinols are formulated for stability, and will remain stable with good bioavailabity even when exposed to UV light.

Melanopeel retinols are stable for day time use, with many skin benefits:

The Melanopeel® line uses high potency retinols that are stable to daytime use, and are also effective when combined with more acidic active ingredients such as vitamin C and hydroxy acids.

woman applying retinol cream

Retinols are powerful anti-aging, antioxidant and DNA protective ingredients. They bind to cells and are able to regulate and normalize their life cycle.

This is especially true for the skin’s surface keratinocyte cells, which explains why they work well for both acne and antiaging. Retinols are able to boost collagen, regenerate new cells, unclog acne comedones, reduce appearance or large pores, and smooth skin texture. You will also find that our retinols help the skin recover faster, and aid in healing after doing chemical peels and microneedling treatments.

Retinols are an essential corrective element of the Melanopeel® Skin Clarity system.

Therefore you can feel comfortable knowing that you will get a full 24 hour protective coverage with our retinol protocols.

What’s even better is that the effects of retinol are additive; so the longer you use it, the better your skin quality becomes.

Avoid if pregnant or nursing. Use with daily SPF 30+ sunscreen.

Our wide range of Melanopeel retinol skin care:

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