At Melanopeel®, we have a love affair mandelic acid 💕. But we also love salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, phytic acid, TCA, and azelaic acid.

Azelaic acid is a relatively new addition to Melanopeel®. But in medicine and cosmetic dermatology, it has been prescribed for a long time for acne, melasma, rosacea and pigmentation. Curious now? Let’s learn more.

What it is:

Chemically, Azelaic acid is a saturated dicarboxylic acid naturally present in grains such as barley, wheat and rye.  Do not be afraid of word ‘acid’, as it is a type of skin-friendly acid. It is also produced by Malassezia furfer, which is a fungus that is normally present on human skin. Skin care products contain a lab-engineered form of Azelaic acid because of its effectiveness and stability.

Uses of Azelaic Acid for the skin:

azelaic acid in lab

This acid is used effectively in a number of skin conditions including mild to moderate acne and rosacea due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It works through different mechanisms while dealing with acne problems. 

It treats acne by stopping the growth of acne-causing bacteria on the skin, by reducing inflammation, by keeping the skin pores clear and by encouraging the healing process.

Azelaic also removes acne pigmentation scars by encouraging cell turnover. It inhibits melanin synthesis, a pigment found in the skin known to affect your skin’s tone. As azelaic acid has established anti-inflammatory properties, it is effectively used in alleviating symptoms of rosacea. Scientific literature demonstrates that using azelaic acid progressively improves the swelling of blood vessels associated with rosacea. 

Azelaic is also effectively used in other skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation and skin lightening. Inflammation is the main cause of hyperpigmentation of your skin, so by controlling inflammation, it is beneficial and safe for this use. By controlling melanin concentration in your skin, our azelaic products are useful in skin lightening.  

Azelaic acid is available in our Melanopeel® Clarity Mandelic Azelaic cleanser and toner, and our Mandelic Azelaic Serum. We have used the synergies of two excellent skin ingredients to produce an effective anti inflammatory skin resurfacer and skin brightener that can be used on any skin type.

Our Azelaic Stars 🌟. Learn more here about the products.

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