large pores on face

Large Pores

How to make them look smaller

Large pores, oily skin, whiteheads and blackheads usually come as an unwelcomed package.

Pores are natural openings in the skin and serve a good purpose. The skin is an excretory organ, so pores are openings that allow the release of excessive sweat and sebum. It is the pores attached to the oil-producing sebaceous glands that form acne, whiteheads and blackheads.

large oily pores

Black and whiteheads are called open and closed comedones respectively. Click here to learn more about the differences.

The pores of your skin cannot change size, but what we can change is the amount of material contained in them (oils and dead skin), and the amount of inflammation within them.

Pore sizes can also be modified and made to appear smaller by increasing the bulk of collagen surrounding them (therefore squeezing them closer together).

The Melanopeel® system has had a long an excellent track record of knowing how to keep your pores clear. We have put together for you our favorites for taming your stubborn pores.

Mandelic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and TCA are superstars at keeping your pores refined and oil-free.

Here is your Melanopeel® treatment list for making your pores look smaller

# 1 – For removing plugs of dead skin and oils

Use our mandelic acid home toners, serums, Crystal Peel, and home peels:

# 2 – For reducing oil shine & creating refined airbrushed pores

Our Clear Complexion Gel is a long time favorite of our patients for mattifying oily pores, and refining the skin:

# 3 – For deep clearing of oils within pores

Try our clay enzyme Triple Enzyme Peel mask, and our premium grade deep cleansing oils:

# 4- For plumping up skin in between pores

This squeezes your pores closer together, making them appear smaller. Use our home microneedling system and microneedling serums for improving the quality of skin surrounding your pores for smaller looking pores:

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