How Partying Affects Your Skin

Our party-proof secrets 🥂

Ah the party scene. The music, the excitement, the dancing, the fun, and OMG the bad skin for the next week!

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Exposure to smoke, drinking alcohol, dehydration and lack of sleep all impact on your skin. Have you noticed how your skin looks dull, dry and lifeless after a good weekend of partying hard? And not to mention the breakouts!

The negative effects of partying on the skin are numerous.

The impact of partying on your skin:

  • Alcohol dehydrates your cells of water.
  • Alcohol also depletes valuable nutrients and vitamins from your body and your liver.
  • Excess urination from the diuretic effects of alcohol means that you’re peeing out valuable electrolytes needed to keep your body in sync.
  • Because your liver is in overdrive detoxifying alcohol, you end up with an accumulation of other toxins within your body.
  • Drink cocktails often contain massive amounts of sugar which coats your skin cells with damaging glycation molecules.
  • If you are prone to rosacea, alcohol causes it to flare up. That’s because your skin capillaries dilate, causing redness and flushing of the skin.
cigarette smoke
  • Cigarette smoke floods your skin with damaging free-radicals and puts your skin under oxidative stress. Think of it as your skin being strangled by cigarette smoke toxins!
  • Lack of sleep increases cortisol release from your adrenal glands. This hormone impacts on your sebaceous oil glands, contributing to acne flare ups after partying.

How to party-proof your skin:

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Our Melanopeel® secrets to party-proof your skin

#1 – Hydrate

Balance your alcohol intake with water. Even spritzing your drinks with soda water and lemon helps with rehydration. If you are dancing and sweating, that’s even more reason to have more refreshing water.

#2 – Do a detoxifying cleansing treatment after partying

You need to show some love to your liver. This remarkable organ keeps your entire body clean and free of toxins. A good detox will help with more efficient functioning of your liver.

#3 – Your diet – take your vitamins, eat your fruits and vegetables, & avoid sugar

Multivitamins, and a diet high in antioxidants internally replenish antioxidants and minerals lost through sweating and excess urination. They also help your body fight off oxidative stress from free radicals.

Glycation molecules from sugars contribute to skin aging and inflammation. Your skin has already been hit hard from your revelry. Slowing down on the sugars will help with faster skin recovery.

#4 – Use the best makeup removers

Our makeup removers not only dig deep to clear out dirt, toxins and impurities, they also restore your skin.

Now that’s something to drink to! 🎉🥂

#5 – Use Melanopeel® to restore your glow

Our skin care is choc full of repairing anti-oxidants, and ingredients to reverse dull skin and acne.

Dehydrated skin solutions with added antioxidant protection:

Dull skin erasers that restore bright radiant skin:

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