The Best Acne Treatments

To understand our best acne treatments, we will go through the causes of acne, and how our skin care is capable to targeting acne on multiple layers. We will also show you the best treatments to fade acne hyperpigmentation.

Treatments that target the different causes of acne:

Cause 1 – Excess oil and sebum production

Top 3 expert picks for oily skin:

These treatments aim to down-regulate the activity of the oil-producing sebaceous glands and reduce oily skin. Mandelic and salicylic acids are excellent choices.

Cause 2 – P.acnes bacteria:

Top 3 expert picks for killing acne bacteria:

These acne-causing bacteria thrive in low-oxygen environments within your pores. You need ingredients that are antibacterial and will penetrate the pores to destroy those micro-organisms. Mandelic acid and azelaic acids are naturally antibacterial. Our benzoyl peroxide is micronized and penetrates directly into your pores to oxygenate and destroy the acne bacteria.

Cause 3 – Clogged pores:

Top 3 expert picks for clogged pores:

Acne lesions have excess layers of dead skin cells called keratinocytes that form plugs within your pores. Skin needs to be resurfaced so that these dead cells can be removed. Once these have flaked off, the pores become opened, reducing your acne breakouts.

Our home peels and peeling pads are the ultimate treatment for unclogging pores.

Even after controlling your acne breakouts, some patients still have to deal with acne pigmentation & skin inflammation.

Treatments that target acne discoloration, hyperpigmentation & inflammation:

Here are our top expert picks for acne pigmentation and skin inflammation.

Problem 1 – Pigmentation

Top 3 expert picks to fade dark spots:

Problem 2 – Inflammation

Top 3 expert picks to calm the skin:

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