You’re watching TV, and notice that every star has perfect skin. There are no acne discolorations, no dark circles under the eyes, no melasma, and no scars. Even their ‘no-makeup look’ is flawless.

Achieving clear skin can be elusive. Light skinned patients can suffer from brown blotches of hyperpigmentation from sun damage.

Persons with darker skin experience even more woes with skin tone. Acne, scratches, melasma, insect bites, heat, sunlight exposure and burns can all contribute towards huge contrasts between skin colors.

Targeting discolorations is possible with these 4 things:

dark skin with even skin tone


Your skin recycles and renews approximately once a month. To see serious changes, you will need to go through about 2-3 cycles, depending on how much correction is needed. Another consideration is that you will need to be consistent with your routine day and night to get the best results. The beauty of Melanopeel® is that we make your routines easy and practical.


Skin discolorations are one of the slowest issues to correct, especially on dark skin. Your skin needs to go through a few renewal cycles to get rid of pigmentation that lays in the deeper layers of your skin. Pigmentation needs to be brought to the surface of the skin, and the cells laden with pigment needs to be shed. This simply takes time. Noticeable improvement in skin discolorations can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the patient.


This is a must as sometimes results are slow. This could be because your pigmentation is deep, your acne keeps producing new dark spots, or you are exposed to the sun. Another factor is that more than one product is usually necessary to clear the skin, and keep your acne under control. If your budget doesn’t allow for the purchase of the ideal pieces, you can get less than optimal results. Don’t despair, though. With commitment & time, you can get there.

An understanding of what you are doing

We hope that Skin Innovations has been able to make your understanding of the skin easier! To fade discolorations, we need to target a number of cells and cellular processes to deactivate pigment production. If you get pigmented spots from acne, then this is a different pathway that has to be addressed. Your Melanopeel® Clinic makes this easy for you, and we take time to explain.

Melanopeel® empowers you, so that you can get the most out of your skin care results!

Here are your solutions for clear skin & an even skin tone:

Clear Skin Cleansers:

The Melanopeel cleansers all designed for pigment control. Your clinic will advise you on the best one for your skin type.

Clear Skin toners:

Our awesome toners are designed for reducing skin discolorations. Your clinic will advise you on the best one for your skin type.

Acne Treatment serums:

There are several anti-acne treatments & serums available. It’s best to speak with your clinic for the right serum options.

Skin Lightening Treatments:

Melanopeel excels at pigment control. We have several skin lighteners available for fading hyperpigmentation. Speak with your clinic for the best options.

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