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Polished Skin

How to get the perfect glow

Know that Ariana Grande 🎼 song 7 Rings (I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it)? Notice how awesomely fabulous her skin looks? Well she noticed it too – there’s a line in the song that goes “My smile is beaming, my Skin is Gleaming. The way it Shiiines I know you’ve seen it”. And boy is her skin Gleaming!! If that is the skin you want, we’ll list for you out best and baddest Skin Gleamers.

Our mandelic acid crystal microdermabrasion polishing peel is your #1 Must-Have piece for a polished face & silky smooth body

Your Polished Face List.

melanopeel polished face
  1. Mandelic acid wash.
  2. Mandelic acid salicylic toner.
  3. Mandelic Acid Crystal Peel is our superstar of skin polishing. This medical grade microdermabrasion exfoliator gets added to your Mandelic cleanser for the ultimate gleaming skin polish.
  4. Rapid repair serum adds that final glow to your skin with our patented very high potency skin transforming retinols.
  5. Melanolite Lactic acid home peel contains botanical skin lighteners for instant hydration and glowing skin.
  6. The Melanostat toning pads with retinol continue to wow our patients. These significantly improve all skin textures, radiance, and cosmetic skin conditions.

melanopeel polished body

Your Polished Arms, Back & Body List.

  1. Mandelic Microdermabrasion Cleanser
  2. Mandelic acid Clarity toner for an instantly smoother look. Good for patients with body acne and skin discolorations.
  3. Mandelic Acid Crystal Peel is a medical grade exfoliator you add to your cleanser for the ultimate gleaming body skin polish.
  4. Mandelic acid retinol body lotion is loaded with skin resurfacing alpha hydroxy acids, coenzyme Q. The perfect anti-acne & antiaging skin lotion.
  5. Home peels to keep your skin radiant.
  6. Melanopeel® also offers option to safely lighten body areas and fade dark marks.

Speak with your Melanopeel® skin care specialist about your peel schedule and peel best options for your skin.

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