how to prevent razor bumps

How To Prevent Razor Bumps

Face, Legs, Bikini

Melanopeel knows all about razor bumps! Not only do they cause rough skin & discolorations, but they often occur in places that you don’t want them. If you want beach-ready smooth skin, here are the steps.

Why our treatments work:

Razor bumps are a combination of impacted hair within a thick inflamed hair follicle.

Our treatments do 4 amazing things:

  1. They loosen & remove excess thickened keratin cells surrounding the follicle.
  2. They reduce follicular inflammation.
  3. They reduce bacterial numbers within the follicle that make the inflammation worse.
  4. They reduce skin pigmentation.

Are you ready? Here are the steps:

What you will need:

shaving for razor bumps
  1. Have your shaver handy.
  2. Have your Melanopeel® cleanser ready.
  3. Have your Melanopeel toner ready.
  4. Have your Mandelic Acid Crystal Peel ready
  5. Have your clinic-recommended treatment creams or serums ready.

The steps (facial bumps):

  1. Cleanse skin with your Melanopeel® cleanser.
  2. For more severe razor bumps, mix your Melanopeel® cleanser with our Mandelic Acid Crystal Peel for a more resurfacing cleanse.
  3. Shave.
  4. Double cleanse again with your Melanopeel® cleanser.
  5. Pat skin dry.
  6. The next step after drying – Tone. With either a recommended mandelic blend toner, or toning pads. We like our Mandelic Glycolic Toner, or Mandelic Acid Toning Pads.
  7. After toning skin, treat facial skin.
  8. For facial bumps DO YOUR HOME PEELS (video) ! – treat weekly with Melanoclear Mandelic Acid Home Peel.
  9. If your bumps have discolored your skin, ask your Melanopeel® clinic about our very effective skin lightening serums like our Smoothing Day Serum and home peeling skin pads.

For body razor bumps:

For body areas, follow the steps similar to the face. As the body skin is thicker than the facial skin, ask your clinic about the best products for the body areas.

  1. For bikini and body bumps, treat area with our Mandelic Acid Serum or Cellular C Serum after shaving. Use daily.
  2. For bikini and body bumps, treat area weekly with our Melanoclear Radiant Body Peel or our awesome Mandelic Acid Peel Pads.
How to Do a Home Body Chemical Peel by Melanopeel

Contact your Melanopeel® clinic for laser hair removal for very stubborn areas. They are able to best combine laser treatments with topical skin care for best results.

More videos on peeling your bikini area:

Your Anti-Razor Bump (& Ingrown Hair) Pieces:

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