Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) is your skin’s own natural moisturizing and hydration tool. NMF is a naturally occurring human function that maintains, protects and enhances healthy skin function.

NMF consists of naturally occurring humectants that are present in the top layer of your skin.

It is composed mostly of water-soluble compounds called amino acids. Amino acids are capable of binding with water and have the ability to retain water in your skin. Your natural moisturizing factor is formed during differentiation of your skin’s epidermis.

Natural Moisturizing Factor

The skin cells that make up the epidermis form an outer layer of dead cells known as “stratum corneum”. This layer is involved in the production and storage of NMF in order to hydrate the surface layer. Other ingredients that are involved in the composition of natural moisturizing factors include urea, lactic acid, sugar, peptides and carboxylic acids.

How the NMF works.

Components of NMF are wonderful humectants as they have the ability to attract and bind water from the outside environment, and then draw it into the stratum corneum. NMF components have the ability to work even at low humidity.

NMF hydration

NMF interaction with keratin fibers results in increased elasticity and flexibility of the stratum corneum. Increased elasticity helps your skin to appear healthy, supple, and prevents flaking or cracking during mechanical stress.

Normally, inner layers of your skin maintain moisture it is rich in amino acids and other water-loving molecules, acting as water binder. If your NMF is not working properly, your skin may become dry and irritated. Reduced levels of NMF are associated with conditions like ichthyosis, and psoriatic skin.

Your NMF does the following for you:

There are different factors that are known to affect and reduce NMF level in your skin such as UV exposure, aging, using harsh cleansers and mutations in the filaggrin gene.

You can balance your NMF by doing the following:

  • Using recommended Melanopeel® cleansers, toners, & moisturizers – these help maintain proper functioning of the skin’s acid mantle and the protective barrier membrane.
  • Using high-quality ingredients that help replenish your natural skin lipids, ceramides & hyaluronic acid.
  • Using natural foods that support good functioning of the skin like amino acids from oats, fish oils, and maintaining good skin hydration.

Our NMF enhancers contain replenishing lipids, hydrating ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and protective botanical antioxidants:

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