TCA (trichloracetic acid) is a wonderful peel when done right. Our Melanopeel® TCA peels for home use are safety buffered with mandelic acid for that optimal level to resurface and shed your skin.

TCA is a chemical peeling agent that works by denaturing protein and damaged DNA in your skin. It is neither an alpha or beta hydroxy acid. When TCA is applied to the skin, it penetrates the skin until it reaches a layer of protein, then becomes deactivated. This is the reason why you feel an intense sting, then it subsides.

After peeling with TCA, the skin dries up and begins to flake of. In some persons it is minor flaking, in others, the skin sheds in layers. It all depends on your skin quality, thickness, and your peeling technique.

TCA peels are known for it’s anti-aging and anti-acne benefits. It also helps with skin lightening. In dermatology, stronger TCA peels are used to remove warts and precancerous skin lesions.

Our Melanopeel Ultra Peels with TCA are excellent for the following:

  1. Acne
  2. Body acne
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Razor Bumps
  5. Ingrown Hairs
  6. Large Pores
  7. Oily skin
  8. Uneven Skin Tone
  9. Hyperpigmentation
  10. Melasma

⚠️Before beginning this peel, test patch on your inner arm for skin reactions and pigmentary changes, especially if you are dark skinned. Wait 3 days to assess skin reaction. This peel is generally safe for dark skin when used as directed by your clinic.

⚠️ The skin of your fingers will also peel and resurface if holding your pads or cotton balls in your hand without gloves. After peeling, expect your fingers to feel softer and rejuvenated. If you do not want your fingers to peel, please use gloves.

⚠️ At all times, keep eyes protected from peel. Ensure that running water is available. This peel should be done at night.

Melanopeel video on doing a home chemical peel:

Doing A Melanopeel Home Peel

Your steps to doing the Melanopeel TCA Ultra Peel – Your TCA home peel kit

Step 1. Skin Preparation

Cleanse face with Melanopeel Cleanser & Toner. Prepare you skin with Mandelic Acid Peel Penetration Enhancer. This helps you get a more uniformed and better quality peel.

Step 2. The Peel

If using pads: Apply your Ultra TCA Peel Pads firmly to your skin, and move over face, neck, or body areas (knees, elbows, back, chest, hands, feet). Stinging and warmth are normal. Leave on 3-5 minutes.

If using liquid peel: Saturate cotton pad with your Ultra TCA Peel. Apply firmly to your skin, and move over face, neck, or body areas (knees, elbows, back, chest, hands, feet). Stinging and warmth are normal. Leave on 3-5 minutes.

Step 3. Neutralization

The next stage is to stop the peeling process. Gently apply water to face with soaked cotton. Then saturate a cotton with our Mandelic Acid Peel Neutralizer. Apply to skin gently. Leave on for 1 minute. Some warmth is normal. Rinse with cool water, then gently pat skin dry.

Step 4. Skin Protection

This peel is best done at night. Immediately after peeling apply skin recovery and protection – Dermal Recovery Serum or Deep Dermal Peptide Repair Cream. These are essential for rapid repair of your skin’s barrier membrane. Retinols are also known to aid healing and help the skin produce new cells at a faster rate.

In the day, use SPF 30 plus sunscreen. We recommend Peptide Defense Anti-Oxidant Sunscreen.


  1. Q. How do I know how long to leave peel on for? A. Consult with your clinic for guidelines. Length of time will depend on a number of factors such as your quality of skin, degree of correction needed, and body area being peeled.
  2. Q. How do I know I am not reacting to the peel? A. You should expect some stinging from this peel. If excessive stinging occurs, neutralize immediately and rinse with water. If irritation persists for more than an hour, please consult with your clinic.
  3. Q. Do I need to prepare my skin ahead of time? A. If you are of darker skin tone, yes this is recommended. It is best to consult with your clinic to determine how much skin preparation is necessary.
  4. Q. Can I layer this peel for greater depth? A. Yes. Please consult with your clinic before attempting this.
  5. Q. How long will I peel for? A. You should expect shedding for about 3-7 days. This however, varies among individuals.
  6. Q. Will my skin get darker? A. Yes, it is normal for skin to get darker as it dries up before it peels. The color ranges from a light brown on caucasian skin to very dark brown on skin of color. After peeling, skin usually becomes lighter
  7. Q. Can I use this peel if I am very dark skinned? A. Yes you can. You will need to consult with your clinic for instructions to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation.
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