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Face Mapping Your Acne

Where you break out & what it means

The process of predicting underlying health problems by knowing acne breakout on certain areas of skin is known as “Face Mapping”. Face mapping is an alternative-medicine practice that goes back thousands of years. 

According to Chinese medicine practice, “all organs have a different color, taste and temperature, and all organs are connected to one another in one or the other way”. The skin on your face is an expression of your overall health.

All systems of your body are supposed to work together, so mapping helps you find what is going on inside your body. Face mapping is supposed to help you in finding both internal and external causes of your acne.

Face mapping is not an exact science.

The theory is that finding out the causes of acne linked to certain areas can help you in accessing your overall health condition. While we at Melanopeel® are not experts at face mapping, and cannot confirm the veracity of such claims, we have consulted with Chinese medicine experts for a more detailed explanation of face mapping.

acne face mapping

What face mapping experts say about acne:

According to Face Mapping experts, this is what your breakout areas tell you.


The area between your eyebrows down to your nose and chin is referred to as “T-Zone”. Acne in this area is often caused by food allergens or GIT disturbances. T-zone has more oil glands compared to the rest of your face, making this area more prone to breakout.

Acne breakouts on your nose are linked to the kidney and liver problems. It is recommended to reduce your intake of red meat, fast food and dairy products to improve your T-zone complexion.


Stress and poor digestion are the main causes of breakouts on your forehead. Your healthcare professional may recommend you to have a balanced diet, drink more water and minimize your forehead contact with your hair to reduce acne.


Chin acne indicates that you are facing hormonal imbalances. You can try different treatment options to resolve chin acne issues as recommended by your healthcare professional, such as regular sleep, a healthy diet and supplements.


Acne breakouts near the top of your cheeks are linked to the respiratory system, while lower cheek acne is associated with poor dental hygiene and surface bacteria.

Back, arms and thighs

Acne in these areas is triggered by genetics and hormonal fluctuations. However, the clothes we wear can also trigger acne breakouts in these areas.

Above the brows

Acne above the brows is linked to your gallbladder and liver.

Between the brows

Having acne between the brows indicates that you are smoking or drinking too much or eating too many rich foods in your daily routine.

Regardless of the areas where you break out, Melanopeel® offers solutions for all face & body acne.

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It is always worth consulting with your physician to determine the overall health of your internal organs if you believe something feels unbalanced. Paying attention to your diet by focusing on antioxidant-rich foods, foods low in inflammatory potential, and reducing sugars can all help with fewer acne lesions.

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