How To Do Your Melanopeel® Home Peels

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The Melanopeel home peels are one of the best & safest at-home medical treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma, black & whiteheads (comedones), rough skin, oily skin, uneven skin tone, ingrown hairs & razor bumps. They offer you the ultimate control of your skin care results.

Home face & body peels for ultimate skin care control.

We carry home chemical peels that you can do for both the face & the body with problem cosmetic skin issues. They can also be used on all skin colors.

Let’s look at your face home peels:

These come in different strengths:

  1. The Melanolite Lactic Acid peel – The gentlest of our home peels is the Melanolite lactic home peel. This is excellent for sensitive skin, and those of you just getting used to doing home peels. This gel formula peel glides easily onto the skin for an instant facial glow. It can be used on sensitive skin.
  2. The Melanoclear Mandelic Acid Face peel – The next peel up is the melanoclear mandelic acid home peel. This liquid peel is a must-have for anyone with acne & skin discolorations. This peel is also available boosted in pad form, with added goodies like retinol & Asian botanical skin lighteners. This home chemical peel can be used on sensitive skin.
  3. The TCA blend Ultra Peel – Melanopeel’s Ultra peel is the strongest, and definitely one of our favorites for our more experienced home peelers. This peel contains TCA, salicylic acid, plus mandelic acid, to totally & quickly transform your skin. But this baby needs to be used with caution, as It’s pretty strong & will result in skin flaking. The ultra peel is also available in pad form with retinol.
How to Do a Home Face Chemical Peel by Melanopeel

Our home body chemical peels:

Any of our face peels can be used on the body. But we have formulated a special one for those with more extensive body area issues.

Our Melanoclear Body Peel effectively fades body acne, discolorations, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. This mandelic acid based peel contains both alpha & beta hydroxy acids, along with Asian botanical skin lighteners.

You can also use our Mandelic Acid Peeling Pads & Ultra Peel Peeling Pads on your body. We have another video to show you how to do this for the body.

Videos are for general guidelines only.

All our home peels should be used as directed by your Melanopeel clinic, as each person has a different skin type and different severity of cosmetic concern to correct. Our videos are for general guidelines only.

Here are the steps to doing your home body chemical peel:

How to Do a Home Body Chemical Peel by Melanopeel

First, we recommend that you do your home peels at night. This allows skin healing to happen overnight while you sleep, without the influence of sun & UV light.

  1. Step 1 Cleanse with Melanopeel cleanser of your choice. For greater resurfacing, you can combine cleanser with our microdermabrasion Mandelic Acid Crystal Peel.
  2. Step 2 – Apply Mandelic Acid Peel Penetration Enhancer for a more even peel. This enhancer contains antibacterial mandelic acid to sanitize the skin, plus agents that remove excess skin oils that inhibit peel penetration.
  3. Step 3 – Apply your home peel liquid, or home peeling pads. The time left on your skin can vary from 1-10 minutes. This is because everyone’s skin & skin condition is different. Your Melanopeel clinic will advise you on the best way to do your customized home peel, along with the frequency of your peel.
  4. Step 4 – The next step after you peel is neutralizing. Alpha hydroxy acids in your peel should be neutralized to stop the peeling process. To do this, we recommend 2 stages.
    1. Stage 1 is to wash your face gently with cool water to remove excess peel on your skin, then pat skin dry.
    2. Stage 2 is to neutralize your peel with our Mandelic Acid Peel Neutralizer. This neutralizer will work for all your alpha hydroxy acid peels, and contains skin calming and soothing botanicals and moisturizing agents to minimize complications. It’s normal to feel some warmth and tingling on the skin, as the neutralization reaction makes the skin warmer.
  5. Step 5 – Lastly after your peel is to apply a finishing serum. Our personal favorites are our hydrating & healing oils. The Dermal Recover Serum, and our Premium Grade Cleansing Oils are all excellent nourishing post-peel finishing serums. But we have several finishing serums you can use after your home peels. Your clinic can recommend the best ones for your skin type.

Our retinol creams and Tranexa Post Microneedle Serum can be used as finishing serums.

More active finishing serums can be used, like our retinol creams boosted with antioxidants and skin-repairing retinol.

Your finishing serums after your chemical peel:

After you peel, your skin needs to be nourished with the right products and ingredients. Depending on your skin type, you clinic will recommend the following to aid skin healing for a better peel & minimize complications:

  • Our Melanopeel skin recovery oils
  • Our retinol creams with anti-oxidants that aid healing and cellular recovery post-peel
  • Our Tranexa Post-Microneedle Serum with nano Tranexamic Acid.

And finally, don’t forget your Melanopeel sunscreen SPF 30 plus for day time use.

Always consult with your Melanopeel clinic for full skin care instructions, and use of our cosmeceuticals.

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Your home chemical peel essentials:

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