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Melanopeel Home Peels

Take control of your skin care

Home peels by Melanopeel are wonderful, with built-in safety for even the darkest of skin tones. It’s like a 15 minute home spa treatment!

Use for face & body acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, sun-damage & rough skin, keratosis pilaris (KP), razor bumps, ingrown hairs, oily skin, large pores, & skin resurfacing.

Best ever 15 minute spa treatment at home

Make your skin healthier & stronger:

These are like doing your own spa treatment facials at home, and take less than 15 minutes to treat your skin into a healthier state of mind! When done correctly, our Melanopeel home chemical peels actually protect your skin, make it healthier, stronger & better able to withstand environmental assaults & free radical damage.

Our holistic Melanopeel philosophy balances our super strong treatments with gentle calming botanical science to promote better cellular harmony. 🌿

Our peels protect & strengthen your skin

What you will need:

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How to do a face home peel by Melanopeel:

How to do a body home peel by Melanopeel:

Melanopeel’s Hydroxy Acid Oil Cleanse:

Your Melanopeel Home Peel Essentials:

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