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The Mandelic Hydroxy Acid Oil Cleanse.

Mandelic acid is your game changer

So we have already discussed oil cleansing, and it’s awesome benefits. Did you know that with Melanopeel® you can really take your oil cleansing to a brand new level?

The Advanced Melanopeel Hydroxy Acid Oil Cleansing Method:

With this Melanopeel® Active-Oil Cleansing Method, you will not only deep clean, but our super alpha and beta hydroxy acids and mandelic acid will help resurface your skin to a higher level. The benefits of our cleansing method are numerous:

  1. Your skin’s protective barrier membrane function is strengthened.
  2. You balance your skin’s microbiome and promote healthy skin bacteria which further protect the skin.
  3. You’re protecting your skin from environmental free radicals.
  4. You’re resurfacing your skin to make it smoother & clear skin discolorations.
  5. You’re reducing skin oils, acne, blackheads & whiteheads.
  6. You get an instant refreshing spa-like glow to your skin.
  7. Your skin feels softer and more hydrated.
  8. Our cleansing oils are 100% natural with the most amazing aroma!

Our oil cleansing actives:

  • Alpha and beta hydroxy acids – for resurfacing and loosening blackheads & whiteheads with mandelic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid
  • Hemp seed oil – to calm skin & is anti-inflammatory & antioxidant
  • Proprietary anti-acne oil blend (our secret weapon mix) – reduces oil, clears acne, and deep cleanse

Video instructions:

Discover Melanopeel’s Innovative Hydroxy Acid Oil Cleanse Method

And we can go even deeper still at your physician’s office:

For an even stronger and more active oil cleansing facial, speak to your Melanopeel® clinic about our proprietary oil-cleansing medical grade facials done in our clinic.

Your home Melanopeel Oil Cleanse can be customized by your clinic:

Our Active-Oil Cleaning Method comes in 3 methods:

  1. For sensitive skin
  2. For acne prone / oily skin
  3. For aging skin

Ask your Melanopeel® physician provider for the steps best suited for your skin goals.

The Melanopeel Hydroxy Acid Oil Cleansing:

Your super boosted oil cleansing pieces for the Melanopeel® Hydroxy Acid Oil Cleansing Method (just add warm water & washcloth):

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