Melanopeel is Non-Comedogenic

clogged pores

Did you ever wonder why skin care companies always stress that their products are non-comedogenic? The reason is that no-one wants to feel that their skin pores will become blocked and irritated by their creams and lotions.

The Melanopeel® System does the complete opposite of clogging your pores.

Our line efficiently resurfaces your skin, removes oils, comedones (blackheads & whiteheads) dirt, impurities, and dead skin. Our skin care is also anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing, even on the most oily skins!

Melanopeel is truly non-comedogenic and clears your skin in several layers – from deep within, to the surface.

What’s more, we do not incorporate parabens or harmful chemicals into your skin care. We do use strong concentrations of medical grade ingredients, using only the safest and highest of purity. You can be rest assured that this about as good as it gets with safe, strong medical skin care.

Melanopeel® wishes you happy skin resurfacing, clear skin, happy oil control, and happy unclogged pores! 🎉🥳

Click here to read about the Truth of what non-comedogenic really means.

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