Your bum, your bikini line, your inner thighs, even your mons pubis can be safely lightened. Many women, especially those with darker skin suffer from uneven pigmentation around their inner thigh and bikini area.

This could be from friction rubbing of the inner thighs and bum, waxing of the pubic area, body acne, darkening from razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or simply genetic pigmentation.

Melanopeel® has developed effective protocols for lightening those areas.

How we lighten your private parts:

Skin lightening includes a combination of both in-office treatments by your physician, and also home treatments that you complete on your own.

Ask your Melanopeel® Clinic about our professional Skin Lightening Intimate MelanoFacial™. Your facial for ‘down there’.

skin lightening and bleaching treatment private area

Treatment begins your improvement with a professional chemical peel to remove thickened and darkened skin in the area. The area will be cleansed and prepped with a hydroxy acid cleanser and peel enhancer before the procedure begins. The peel of choice will depend on the degree of correction that needs to happen. Melanopeel® carries 9 professional peels to suit every skin condition.

After the peel, you will be prescribed a home care regime at a level based on the amount of skin lightening you will need. Safety instructions will also be given. The process occurs over a few weeks, with most patients seeing visible improvement within 2-3 weeks.

Video instructions:

Softer skin with a lighter skin tone of your pubic area, inner thighs and bum are all possible with Melanopeel® ! Speak with your Melanopeel® clinic about the best options to clear your areas of concern.

Here are our top picks for lightening and softening down there.

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