Benzoyl Peroxides Are Not Created Equal.

A better BP

Benzoyl peroxide (BP) is an antibacterial compound. It works against the bacteria that contribute to acne, called p.acnes bacteria. This is how it works – p.acnes use the oils within your pores as food for multiplying. They cause inflammation within the pores, and deplete the area of oxygen.

How does benzoyl peroxide work against acne?

Acne-causing bacteria, p.acnes, thrive and grow in low oxygen areas. BP is an oxygenating molecule. By getting into the pores, it oxygenates the area of growing bacteria, and kills them.

But BP has another action.

It causes the skin cells to exfoliate and peel off. This is good when you need to resurface clogged pores. This is especially noticeable at higher BP concentrations. This helps with resurfacing the skin of clogged acne pores.

The difference with our benzoyl peroxides.

Excessive skin irritation from BP is possible, and noticeable when using poorly penetrating cheaper types of BP.

The difference with the Melanopeel® BP – they are advanced formulated for more efficient pore penetration. Using micronized technology, Melanopeel® has created a BP with the optimal particle size to actually get inside the pores.

This means that less irritating BP remains on the surface of your skin. You will also find that the Melanopeel® BPs work faster since they are now able to better reach and flood p.acne-filled pores with oxygen.

What we use our BPs for (conditions where bacteria cause inflammation of the pores and hair follicles):

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