The Benefits of Peptides for Your Skin

Peptides are the amino acid building blocks for your body’s proteins. Proteins are essential to our body including the skin, as amino acids are building blocks of our skin. When certain amino acids are linked together, they result in the formation of ā€œpeptidesā€. Peptides are fragments of proteins that are important for your skin as they maintain integrity and structure to your skin.

Peptides are essential components in every human cell and are required for the proper functioning of the human body. Apart from being an energy source, they are involved in the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. Peptides also serve as a precursor for the formation of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are building blocks of our skin and are involved in maintaining healthy skin.

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Peptides are highly water-soluble and this property allows them to be used easily in cosmetic products. But that’s not really the full story. Not all peptide formulations will work on your skin.

For peptides to work, they need to be of a certain chain length, and also have to be attached to carrier molecules to allow them to actually get into the skin. This is where expert formulation comes in. Our advanced MelanopeelĀ® peptides are formulated for safety, efficiency and results. Remember that our products contain no parabens or harmful skin ingredients.

There are different types of peptides each having different benefits and purposes. Some skin care products may even contain several combinations of peptides. Important skin care peptides used in the MelanopeelĀ® line are listed below:

  • Argireline “The BotoxĀ® Peptide”
  • Matrixyl“The Anti-Wrinkle Peptide”
  • Soy & rice phyto- peptides“The Eye & Dark Circle Peptides”
  • Tetrapeptide 30“The Anti-Pigment Peptide”
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This is a neuropeptide widely used in skincare products due to its anti-wrinkle properties. Argireline is a synthetic molecule that affects the mechanical properties of your skin. Argireline prevents the formation of wrinkles by inhibiting the formation of the SNARE complex and reducing the release of acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine makes your facial muscles contraction, so by slowing acetylcholine release, Argireline prevents the formation of expressive wrinkles. Argireline is a great skin care addition to help your BotoxĀ® last longer!


This lipopeptide promotes the growth of elastin, collagen and glucosaminoglycans. That is why it is used in most skincare products as an anti-aging agent. The active ingredient of matrixyl is ā€œPalmitoyl Pentapeptide 4ā€ that stimulates the production of new elastin and collagen. That is how it reduces wrinkles and fine lines on your face. 

Soy & rice phyto-peptides

These are used in skincare products as they increase skinā€™s ability to hold moisture while reducing wrinkles, roughness, pigmentation, and dark circles. These also contains isoflavones that are involved in protecting your skin against hormone-related aging. Soy & rice peptides also help in bringing back a youthful radiance to your skin. They also has antioxidant properties and can boost collagen production further adding to skincare benefits.


This peptide balances your skin tone and has anti-pigmentation benefits. It brightens your skin tone by inhibiting melanin production. Tetrapeptide is a skin-friendly peptide used in different skincare products. It also reduces lesions and melasma on ethnic skin. It is for all skin types and can effectively inhibit pigmentation process.

Peptides can be a great addition to your skincare routine because they can address so many skin concerns.

Overall, peptides have the following skin benefits:

Our MelanopeelĀ® Peptides šŸ§¬ Used for our anti-aging anti-wrinkle luxury nanospheres, eye cream, barrier membrane repair cream, hydrators, and antioxidant sunscreen.

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