Learn how to do your home microneedling treatments, and care for your Melanoroller device. See the steps here in this video below.

Home microneedling is a must for anyone wanting smoother, younger, blemish-free skin. This simple home treatment is not a new one, and has been a beauty staple in Asia & Europe for one reason – it makes a difference to skin quality. Not only can it reduce acne & skin discolorations, it can also reduce pigmentation, promote activity of your fibroblast cells that make collagen, and also down-regulate oil production in your sebaceous oil-producing glands.

The Melanoroller home microneedle device by Melanopeel is sterile, and features 30 gauge precision laser-cut needles uniformly cut and reinforced, ensuring safe and predictable results. Specially calibrated to be safe for darker skintones.

We rely on home microneedling to help manage:

What’s different since this video was shot in 2014?

Very little as the principles of safe home microneedling and sanitary roller care are all the same. BUT, technology & skin care formulation has improved. We now use some amazing microneedle serums boosted with tranexamic acid, retinol , vitamin C , niacinamide & mandelic acid for superior skin healing and barrier membrane recovery while treating your skin. See our amazing serums below.

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