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Skin innovations is written by Physicians

Our expert advisory panel are all physician specialists and practitioners trained in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology. All Skin Innovation Experts have a long and responsible track record in the field of cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics. The represent thought-leaders, researchers, scientists, text-book authors, and published medical writers.

  • Our Skincare Authorities are expert specialists, doctors and clinicians with medication prescribing rights.
  • Our Aesthetic Medicine Authorities are specialists, doctors and clinicians with specialized training in aesthetic medicine procedures.
  • Our guest contributors represent clinicians with extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology & aesthetic treatments. They all show a love and passion for the cosmetic transformation of skin and facial aesthetics.

Skin Innovations Magazine is an informational medical skin care blog website designed by Melanopeel® Skin Clarity System & aesthetic physicians for their patients. Our expert and experienced physician contributors aim to equip you with scientific knowledge and the tools needed to transform your skin.

We focus on an internationally diverse team to share with you skin care information from around the world. Our topics focus on the top cosmetic skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, and medical aesthetic treatments such as Botox® and fillers.

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